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At Lighthouse Personal Care Homes in Dalton, Georgia, we offer a safe, luxurious boutique-style setting, with services tailored toward assisted living and memory care. In our residential care home, seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s receive the care they need and are engaged in programs enhancing their quality of life. We provide what a big-box facility cannot provide, which is a home to live in with an extraordinary level of care and attention, all with the feel of a real home.

Our communities in Dalton provide 24/7 supervised care, with activities designed to support our residents. Additionally, our compassionate staff is trained in memory care techniques to engage and care for your loved one. Memory care is a distinct form of care specifically catering to persons living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other types of memory problems. What sets us apart is that our assisted living and memory care services are offered in a loving, senior housing community, in real houses across Dalton, GA.

Our Dalton personal care homes provide delicious, well balanced, dietician approved meals, housekeeping services, a welcoming and positive environment, indoor/outdoor common areas, safety features such as on-premises public area video monitoring and CarePredict, a tool which alerts our caregivers to changes in the daily activity pattern of our residents and so much more! Our staff consists of professionally trained caregivers who provide support our residents need with activities of daily life like bathing, dressing and medication management. A professional licensed administrator also oversees the operations at each home.

We understand how challenging and overwhelming finding the right community for your loved one can be. Our personal care homes in Dalton offer you the peace of mind you need while providing the supportive services your loved one deserves. 

“We provide a place where our patrons, our moms and dads, go to LIVE… These are a step above the Golden Years. With Lighthouse Personal Care Homes, these years are truly the Platinum Years”

~ Lorn Miller M.D.

Our Mission

Lighthouse’s mission is to provide safe, high quality and luxurious boutique-style assisted living and memory care in a group home setting.

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What Makes Us Unique

Residential Living

We provides what big-box facilities never provide…a home to live in with an extraordinary level of care and attention. Unlike big-box facilities, will never are not able to provide we are able to provide higher staffing ratios contributing to more direct one on one quality care in the feel of a real home like we can. It’s like the difference between living in a hotel or living in a home.

Excellent Value

We provide outstanding value for the family members seeking quality care for their loved ones. Many large facilities will charge much more for far less personal attention and service. We don’t “add-on” additional fees or raise lease rates once a resident is comfortably living with us.

Personal Attention

We provide loving personal attention and are proactive in engaging our residents. We provide 24-hour care and the lowest resident care ratio in the industry of 6:1. In almost every case the big-box competition will have a much higher care ratio, and the smaller local providers often provide a lower level of quality or are not professionally managed, leaving residents in need of attention. Additionally, we are humbled to be a Second Wind Dreams Member.


We provide professionally memory care trained caregivers (24 hours a day), a facility manager, and a licensed administrator. We believe in continuous training and properly rewarding our staff. We incorporate Positive Approach to Care techniques in our care homes.

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Our care homes provide quality meals, regular cleaning, quality furniture, a positive environment, indoor/outdoor common areas, and safety features such as on-premise public area video monitoring. We provide professionally trained caregivers as well as “awake” staff at night, (someone on premise who is responsible and awake), and a professional licensed administrator who oversees onsite managers and is responsible for overseeing the operations at each home.

Upcoming Locations

We are excited to open a second location in Dalton, GA: Walnut Creek is on track to open Summer 2020.

Dalton, GA

To find a Lighthouse Personal Care Home near you, Contact us Here!

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