Joyful Living: Engaging and Enriching Activities for Every Resident at Lighthouse Personal Care Homes

Full of Fun Activities

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At Lighthouse Personal Care Homes and senior housing in Dalton, Georgia, we offer a variety of fun things to do in order to engage our residents in personalized activities to help keep their minds and bodies active. Studies have shown that physical activity can help prevent physical and emotional problems, so by staying active, you and your loved one can enjoy your senior years more fully. Regularly engaging in physical and social activities can also help you stay focused and offer a higher-quality of life with more energy.

As a small house, our senior housing staff in Dalton cater our menus and our activities’ calendars to our residents’ favorite choices. We are sure to find something you and your loved one will enjoy doing, whether within a larger group setting, or something that’s more of an individual activity. We provide various arts and crafts activities, along with coloring, puzzles, and “tinkering” projects to enjoy. Our residents can also try their hand at a new hobby, such as flower arranging or bird watching. Or participate with other Dalton senior housing residents in a game of bingo, board games, or card games.

On top of these recreational activities, we also offer regular exercises, stretching, and walks, with breathtaking views along the private lake situated right on our property. Musical therapy and pet therapy are offered regularly in Dalton, and we hold monthly seasonal parties, field trips, and outings. Whatever activity you or your loved one choose to participate in, you’ll find each one to be engaging and safe, promoting friendship and companionship when you’re up for it, or allowing you to fly solo if you’re feeling more reserved.

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Enriching Activities for Vibrant Living

At Lighthouse Personal Care Homes, we believe in the power of engaging and diverse activities to enrich the lives of our residents. Our carefully curated array of activities provides something for everyone, ensuring each day is filled with joy, discovery, and fulfillment.

Whether it’s exploring artistic talents, enjoying the simplicity of bird watching, or celebrating together at our seasonal parties, our residents find endless opportunities for happiness and personal growth.

Arts & Crafts

Discover creativity and expression through a variety of artistic activities, designed to entertain and engage our residents in a colorful world of imagination and creation.

Bingo, Board Games, & Card Games

Enjoy the thrill and fun of friendly competition, with a diverse selection of games that cater to all preferences and promote social interaction and mental agility.

Bird Watching

Experience the serene pleasure of observing the diverse avian life around our facility, a tranquil activity fostering connection with nature and mindfulness.

Coloring & Puzzles

Dive into the relaxing world of coloring and puzzles, activities that not only entertain but also enhance focus, problem-solving skills, and mental acuity.

Flower Arranging

Engage in the delicate art of flower arranging, an enriching and therapeutic activity that allows residents to create beautiful arrangements while enjoying the sensory pleasure of floral scents.

Outdoor Gardening

Delight in the serene pleasure of connecting with nature through our outdoor gardening activities, offering our residents the chance to nurture plants and flowers while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

Exercises, Stretching, & Walks

Embrace a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activities tailored to each resident’s ability, promoting mobility, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Musical Therapy

Explore the healing power of music through therapy sessions designed to evoke emotions, memories, and create a sense of harmony and well-being.

Pet Therapy

Experience the joy and comfort brought by our animal companions, whose presence helps reduce stress, increase social interaction, and bring smiles to our residents.

Tinkering Projects

Unleash the joy of creation with hands-on projects that encourage exploration, innovation, and the satisfaction of building something new.

Monthly Seasonal Parties

Celebrate the passing of the seasons with festive gatherings that bring together residents for fun, laughter, and shared enjoyment of themed activities and delicious food.

Field Trips & Outings

Explore the world beyond our doors with organized excursions designed to entertain, educate, and provide a refreshing change of scenery for our residents.