Southern Haven – #1 Senior Memory Care & Personal Care Home in Dalton

“We provide a place where our patrons, our moms and dads, go to LIVE…These are a step above the GOLDEN YEARS. With Lighthouse Personal Care Homes, these years are truly the PLATINUM Years”

~ Lorn Miller M.D.

The journey ahead is not always clear
Let us light your Path

What Makes Us Unique

Residential Living

We provide what big-box facilities can never provide… a home to live in with an extraordinary level of care and attention. Big-box facilities will never provide the feel of a real home like we can. It’s like the difference between living in a hotel or living in a home.

Excellent Value

We provide outstanding value for the family. Many large facilities will charge much more for far less personal attention and service. We don’t “add-on” additional fees or raise lease rates once a resident is comfortably living with us.

Personal Attention

We provide loving personal attention and are proactive in engaging our residents. We provide 24-hour care and the lowest resident care ratio in the industry of 6:1. In almost every case the big-box competition will have a much higher care ratio, and the smaller local providers often provide a lower level of quality or are not professionally managed, leaving residents in need of attention. Additionally, we are humbled to be a Second Wind Dreams Member.


We provide professionally memory care trained caregivers (24 hours a day), a facility manager, and a licensed administrator. We believe in continuous training and properly rewarding our staff. We incorporate Positive Approach to Care techniques in our care homes.